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“A little something extra”

Some men like the girls with “a little something extra”, you know what we are talking about.

Quite frankly, every man is attracted by beautiful girls, and as long as a girl changes to be more sexiness and charming, men will lose their mind easily. And most of shemales happen to be incredibly sexy. Because they need to put extra efforts to be more feminine and attractive, they can look more like women than they want. For that reason, they tend to be more sexy and attractive than genetic women out there. Moreover, they pay more attention to their appearance and body shape than genetic women. And they are very interested in make-up and fashion. They also like to be seductive and turning men crazy.

Trans women are rare. As the saying goes, “When a thing is rare, it becomes precious”. And brazilian shemales confirm this. That’s the reason why some men are curious and intrigued by the trans escort. Nowadays rare things are regarded as a fashion.

For now, the most we can say is that attraction to feminized men is a unique erotic interest that is not uncommon in the male population and, contrary to popular belief, guys who have such interests tend to be masculine themselves and usually do not identify as gay.

Shemales escort in Dubai

Dubai men are very picky and has their own taste in shemale escorts. They prefer big curvy shapes and often big size of “surprise” along with 100% feminine face and totally feminine phisical appearance.
Transsexuals are an exoticness, a uniqueness, something that can’t be obtained elsewhere. Shemales, especially brazilian shemales, just totally unique in their sexuality in that they are both…men and women and at the same time, neither men nor women. Thats can be fascinating.
Guys who use shemale escorts are attracted to women but obsessed with cock. Imagine that big, beautiful, vein riddled, skin stretched, ‘like a piece of wood’ erection springing out but attached to a smooth, soft, voluptuous, gentle, sweet as a rose smelling woman with soft eyes, wet lips, a quiet alluring voice with large, tanned breasts that jiggle with every breath almost popping out of the tight low cut v-neck dress female. That is a picture of an ideal brazilian shemale escort for Dubai escort users.

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